Week Commencing - 12/10/20

Week Commencing - 12/10/20

What a fantastic week back Class 4 have had.

After lunch every day we do some mindfulness and meditation with Cosmic Yoga. The kids love this and secretly so do the teachers! It helps everyone to feel calm and relaxed after dinner time so we can all do some great learning.

In PE this week, we have focused on practicing our throwing and catching skills using some bean bags and hoops. The boys and girls worked in pairs to throw the bean bag to each other and then at the end, we had a little challenge of 'Musical Rings' and the winner was Charlie! Well done Charlie!

This week have started reading a new book called 'The Firework Makers Daughter' and have been thinking about different kind of fireworks and the beautiful colours and patterns they make. The children have drawn their own pictures of a 'white elephant' and  maps following instructions from the text.

Our History topic this half term has been WW2.  We have been learning about rationing and the  different air raid shelters that were used in the war, with specific focus on Anderson Shelters. The children drew a picture of their own cardboard box and listed all of the things they would take in their box to a shelter.

Music was the kids favourite part of the week and they loved "jamming" to the songs being played on our interactive whiteboard. We were learning how to identify and practice the beat of the music, and how to follow the rhythm. We used xylophones, drums and tambourines which made lots of noise but was lots of fun.

Well done everyone in Class 4 for a brilliant week back at school.

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